We have always put our master bedroom last on the list of items to be finished in our home. It's a very common theme I see among clients. Our bedroom is the place we retreat at the end of the day, it's a place we need to be able to relax and unwind from the daily stress, yet it's the place in the home that gets the least amount of love. With the kids virtual school beginning soon and the stress that entails for me, this is the perfect time to give our master a little refresh. Our current situation is really sad, actually quite embarrassing considering this is my job. We have yard sale furniture that was painted by Rob and nightstands that were painted by me. Our headboard was purchased as a last minute option to complete our old bedroom when we were staging our home, so it wasn't planned in any design and is too short for our tall mattress. You can't even see it once the pillows are fluffed on the bed. So it's time for a change, especially since one of the boys will now be using our bedroom as his virtual classroom. 

Our master bedroom isn't huge by any means, it used to be the depth of our house but when we moved in but we divided it in half and turned the other half into a 4th bedroom/walk in closet. There are lots of windows, weird radiator placement and doors, you know, the usual New England colonial obstacles we have to navigate. We're limited to what wall we can place the bed on which limits us on the size nightstands that we can have in the space because our door opens into the nightstands. Although we need smaller scale pieces, that doesn't mean I have to skip out on less storage or style. I just have to get a little more creative with my design. Adding wall sconces to leave more nightstand space, adding nightstands with drawers and bringing in different textures to the space to make up for the smaller scale items will help give it a finished look. 

Here are a couple bedside inspiration options I have been eyeing and I would love to hear your thoughts.  

I love this simple upholstered bed and the wood tones of this nightstand to warm up the space. The patterned wallpaper fills the space that would otherwise make the sconce look out of place if it didn't have the statement wallpaper to hold it up. 


I've had a wood wallpaper saved for our master for a long time, it just brings in a fun textured element to the space and warms up the room. Paired with a black contrasting nightstand, a fun modern wall sconce and a light upholstered bed. I'm all about light upholstered beds right now. 

Design: Mindy Gayer Design


Can we say dream bedroom? All of my favorite colors all in one space. I love all the different textured elements used in this bedroom as well. This has been saved as a favorite master bedroom for years. Notice the textured rope sconce hanging from the wall? This is a great use of space and designed well because this isn't a huge master bedroom but there are big statement pieces in this room. 

Designer: Courtney Bishop Design 

Do you have a favorite design? Do you also neglect your master bedroom? Is there anything in particular you're struggling with in your master bedroom? Leave a comment and I'd love to be able to help you come up with a solution. 


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