Hearth & Hand by Joanna Gaines launched at Target yesterday and I was so excited to check it out. Their price points are amazing, way to go Chip & Joanna! The quality is really nice, the candles smell great (all of them) and they have the greatest accessories to nail your Thanksgiving table this year. So today I'm sharing my favorite's from the collection I used to create a Thanksgiving tablescape and my thoughts on the rest of the collection. They really have everything you need for your upcoming holidays. 

I love these black rectangular flower froggers that also come in a galvenized metal too. They have a frogger inside which helps keep the flowers in place and are lined with a water pan inside. I paired them with this plaid cream & black runner and simple flowers to create a more casual feel. 

Another favorite was the place card options that were available. As soon as I saw these antique brass mini frames I knew I had to have them. You can print a name on the little card that comes with them and show it on one side or use chalk for the other side.

These x pattern salad/dessert plates are so cute! I paired them with the striped napkins which I love because they're striped and you can use them year round. I thought all their stone wear was really nice. The only problem I see with these black plates is chipping. They seem delicate so if you're hard on plates maybe the white would be a better option. 

Ok, lets talk about the candles. They nailed these scents!! I normally have a couple candles scents that I'm not a huge fan of, including more Christmas-y scents. I wasn't expecting to like this Balsam & Spice but it's so pretty and not over powering at all. My favorite scent was the teakwood currant. The galvanized containers that they come in make them a really cute gift idea especially since they're only $19.99 and they're BIG! Or use a couple of them with your table display for the holidays.

Brass detail on the sides of the rectangular planters.

The pillows are typical Target pillows so I wasn't crazy about those. I thought they look cute as an accent on a chair but I need to be able to fluff my pillows and these you can't. If you don't care about fluffing then they do look cute paired with this faux fur throw which is on sale and I was having a hard time finding in a local Target near me but they have it online! 

I haven't decided if I want to pair black or gold silverware with everything. Thoughts? 

Once the rest of my deliveries come I'll be sharing what I really liked from the rest of the collection. Gift wrap, greens, lanterns for outdoor decor and a more decorative Christmas table set up! Stay tuned! 



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