As a Stella & Dot stylist I've seen the interior of Jessica Herrin's gorgeous home grace her social media pages and have always day dreamed about having a personal tour and spending the day there. Well, lucky for us we're able to get a little tour of her gorgeous historic Hillsborough, Ca home designed by Kendall Wilkinson. You can read the full article on Traditional Home here.

How gorgeous is this custom painted silk wallpaper? Obsessed!!!

This dining room is just to die for, I mean that chandelier! I love the modern pop of color in the art in the space. It adds a youthful touch to the space.

The Stark fabric and textures in this room make me just want to touch everything. I probably would and then hope that there wasn't a home security camera watching me.

Jessica's office may be one of my favorite rooms. It's so simple yet so elegant.

Her husband Chad's game room is just hands down awesome. I don't blame her for kicking him out and hosting her own girls game nights. I'd do the same! My girlfriends and I would probably never leave and we'd lock the door.

It's been a lifelong goal of mine to have doors like this in my own home. Just ask my husband. Every addition discussion begins with...and we'll put the french doors here.

I've had a bedroom pinned with this suzani fabric FOREVER and I'm still so in love with it to this day and how gorgeous is that cared fireplace surround?

I really like this shape of this island. It just invites you to come and hang out for awhile.

I wish they would have shared her full dressing room because you would just want to live in there but you can get an idea of how amazing it is from this picture. I'll have to hunt down a good picture to share with all of you because now that I said how awesome it is, I'm sure you want to see it.

The downstairs has so many bold colors and I love how serene this bedroom is with this gorgeous silver leaf bed.

Maybe I'd put more effort into getting ready if this is what I could get ready in front of. #bathroomgoals

Jessica's always sharing cute pictures of her girls having breakfast in bed and I'm always admiring their headboards. I'm also admiring the fact that I love that they do breakfast in bed too. Does finding marshmallow fluff under your sons bed count as them attempting breakfast in bed?

Last but definitely not least is the pool house. I'll be dreaming of hanging out here all weekend. Let me know when it's Monday.

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