I often get asked what some of my favorite places are to shop for inexpensive home items. Besides HomeGoods my other go to is World Market. I was so psyched when one opened up here so I could actually see everything in person. They carry everything from wine and kitchen items to furniture and lighting and their price point is good. Here are a couple of things I'm loving right now: 

1. I'm loving this chair and thinking it would look great in my office. It would also looked great with 2 of them paired next to each other. 

2. One of my favorite things at World Market is their lighting. This honeycomb light would look great in a playroom or bathroom. 

3. I love this dresser for a kids room, nursery or an entry chest. It would also make a great piece in a dining room with a dry bar set up on it. 

4. Their kitchen items are super cute, like these adorable little pumpkin bakers. Would make a great table setting for thanksgiving. They have a great selection of kitchen towels too. I switch mine out seasonally and like to add color to my kitchen with them. 

5. Looking for a great hostess gift? This little olive tree in a terracotta pot would make a great gift or addition to your kitchen. 

6. This brass mirror is a great price point at less then $100. Add above a console table or use as a bathroom mirror. 

7. Obsessed with these bottle stoppers. Tie to a bottle of wine for a great gift idea. 

8. They also have a great selection of rugs! This blue one is such a great color and it looks so soft and cozy. 

9. Marble candle.....of course! These come in three different sets or you can buy as a set of 3. 

What is your favorite piece?
What is your favorite piece?
Acrylic Bar Cart
Abstract Painting
Brass Starburst Chandelier
Faux fur chair
Poll Maker

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