I've been on a lemon kick lately. Maybe it's the impending arrival of summer? Whatever it is, I've rounded up a couple of lemon things I've spotted recently that will cheer up your home for summertime! (I'm convinced it's never coming here in New England where it seems to be getting colder everyday) 

1. This Lemon Poundcake would make a cute housewarming gift for someone

2. Lemon Essential oil is a favorite around here. I use it in my cleaning products, the laundry and to freshen up the house and uplift your mood. 

3. Lemon Wallpaper (cute in laundry room) This comes in a couple different color options but lavender reminds me of my Nanny because it was her favorite color. 

4. I love this hand and dish soap and it has a good rating on the think dirty app too. 

5. Cute lemon print dish towels to brighten up your kitchen for summer. They're 20% off right now too! 

6. Just looking at this print makes me cheer up. Cute little gift framed for someone going through a rough patch

7. Brighten up lemon face mask

8.  What got me on my lemon kick is these cute little lemon trees I've been seeing. This would make a great mothers day gift....hint hint. Surely I could find something more glamorous then a tree for Mother's Day, right?

9. Like maybe these cute little lemon shoes would be a much better gift option. How cute would they be with white jeans and a black and white gingham shirt?

10. How adorable is this Piccoli Limoni by Tea little girls romper? If I had a girl I'd buy this. 

Not only do lemons make cute house decor but here's a couple more benefits to them

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