Today I'm going to brag a little bit about my younger brother, who can basically do anything you'd ask him to do. He's the most creative, thoughtful, talented persons I know.  He's a craigslist hunter, the best DIY'er, makes creations out of stuff he finds and is just a fun person to be around. I wish I could transplant him here to work with me but I can't. So he'll continue to be my distant go to when I'm questioning a design or needing advice on a project. He recently landed his dream job and I'm so excited for him to start this new venture. When he sent me his portfolio I wasn't surprised at what he had created and couldn't help but want to share some of his work with you. Since summer is on it's way maybe it will give you some inspiration for an outdoor oasis/planters similar to the ones he creates.

We grew up helping our grandparents at their nursery in Pennsylvania, called Regula's Little Tree Nursery. I fondly remember riding around in the golf cart to help turn on the sprinklers in the hoop houses and helping my grandmother tend to the plants. I know my brothers work would make my grandparents proud. Here are some of his creations:

His living room also works as a greenhouse for his plants

His outside patio he created

I love this wall and want one in my backyard. Chris, take note. 

His succulent planters may be my favorite

Oh and he's hands down the best at holidays. Halloween being one of his favorite. 

Unfortunately you can't see his entire handmade Mad Hatter costume that is out of this world but you get the idea. 

Just a wreath made out of greens and berries found on the side of the road

 and I thought I had gift wrapping skills

He just opened an etsy shop and sold out quickly of some of his designs but is working on stocking it back up. Stay tuned for more items to come over at 1OAKSTUDIOS

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  1. He is so talented! I'm so happy for him in his new job opportunity.



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