How to update furniture with spray paint

Spray paint is magical! Once you start you sort of can't stop. You start walking around your house eyeing up your next drab piece to be transformed. Chairs, the kids dinosaurs (they have so many toys they'll never know), picture frames and the list could go on and on. My latest victim was a cabinet that's been in my entry for 2 years. We bought it from the previous owner and I've had many ideas for her. I walk by it 700 times a day so I had a lot of thoughts on how to transform her and this is what won out because although I wanted to do full gloss navy I figured I can do that later but once I paint it all there is no going back to this look. I may have also been lazy and didn't feel like carrying the entire piece outside too. 

I spotted these amazing knobs and this is what gave me the idea to do white drawers, until I realized I had 2 hole hardware currently on the piece and this one one....sigh. 


Back to the drawing board for the hardware but for now the original went back on until I decide. 

Here's how to transform a piece of furniture with spray paint: 

Wipe your furniture clean and make sure it's completely dry. As you can see my grass already looks like crap so I didn't bother with a drop cloth. 

I used this because it was in my garage but it works great for spray painting pieces and covers well. 

This was a little weekend project that was so easy and gave her a little face lift. 

I'm liking this hardware. What are your thoughts? 


Adding a little leather would give it a more masculine look 


To give it a little color 

To tie in the gold in the kitchen with a little bit of glam 

The lionhead 

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  1. Have you tried the paslode powermaster pro? This electric nailer shoots either heavy staples or small brads, making it perfect for lightweight jobs around the house.



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