My picks for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is one of those "Hallmark holidays" you either love or hate. I personally love all holidays so any chance I get to decorate or make fun crafts with the kids Im all for it. 

Last year Rob and I went to a Superlux Movie theatre. If you haven't heard of these they're amazing!! Huge recliners and they serve you food and alcohol. Something about having a glass of wine at the movies just makes it so much better. Did I also mention they have warm chocolate cookies as a dessert option. We're continuing our tradition this year and doing it again. We already bought our Fifty Shades of Grey tickets. (Heehee) Rob didn't read the books so he has no idea what he's in for. 

If you're not into overpriced roses or dreaming of Mr Grey here are some of my favorite picks for her V-Day!

1. Rebecca Minkoff white leather envelope clutch. This is a classic that can be used to carry you into Spring/Summer. 

2. Kate Spade leopard phone case. Because leopard is just sexy and Classic at the same time. 

3. Nars lip gloss is one of my favorites. I think I have one in every purse! 

4. Stella & Dot engraveable bar necklace. These are the best gifts! Have it personalized with a meaningful date, your initials or maybe a silly nickname you call each other. 

5. One of my best friends gets me the best gifts from Sephora and a couple years ago this Sugar scrub Chapstick was one of them. This is hands down my favorite. I love the sheer tint it leaves behind too! Available in many colors. 

6. These Jonathan Adler little dishes are perfect to hold jewelry, etc. I have one on my nightstand that collects my earrings at night. 

7. This Jonathan Adler candle is so pretty looking and I love grapefruit scented candles! 

8. One of my favorite Givenchy scents. I discovered this in Sephora from the crazy salesperson that ended up being spot on. He jumped out from behind a column and scared the crap out of me. Asked me weird questions which I kept thinking had nothing to do with what scent would work for me and he came back with 3 and I LOVED all 3! So if someone jumps out and scares you at Sephora, take a second to listen before running away which I almost did.  

9. I just LOVE the color of this Henri Bendel crossbody bag!!! Even better it's on SALE! 

10. I've had my eye on the Nixon watch for a looooonnnng time! It's just so different and I'm a sucker for big watches. 



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